Producent kompozycji z kwiatów sztucznych HURT – DETAL


Flowers represent beauty; they are a symbol, an inherent decoration of almost every feast and various ceremonies. However, the charm of the natural flowers is elusive – though they are incredibly beautiful when you put them in the vase, it does not take long and the spell breaks. Compositions from artificial flowers are another fairy tale – with a happy ending! This type of ornament is a permanent way to embellish any place, as a manufacturer of artificial flower decorations we know it best.

Artificial flowers – truly beautiful!

Decorations with artificial flowers have been our passion since we can remember, but the establishment of the company can be easier placed in time. It’s been 10 years since we provide our customers with the beauty of artificial flowers – on every single day and on special occasions. As a producer of decorations for every occasion – ornaments for All Saints’ Day, Christmas decorations and Easter centrepieces, we are proud to know that the work of our hands is an integral part of the lofty moments and daily joys of our customers. With our own production we are able to meet the current market demands as well as to fulfil every individual customer’s request. From design to delivery to the customer.

When it comes to artificial flower decorations, the sky is the limit!

Therefore, we can suggest decorations:

  • characterised by high quality of workmanship
  • unique and  the only one of the kind
  • professionally made of good quality florist materials
  • at very attractive prices.

Artificial flower ornaments at the world quality level.

It is a great joy for us that our products have been accepted with so much recognition and have been enjoying growing popularity for a decade now. No matter whether it is a bunch of artificial flowers or a centrepiece for a Christmas table – we are committed to what we do and do it with passion and commitment.

Our hard work and effort has been appreciated not only on the home market but also abroad – so we are able to produce and deliver our works across Europe. As a producer of decorations for All Saints Day and for other occasions, we meet the requirements of our customers by offering not only individual but also wholesale orders.

We do not rest on our laurels, but we are still composing new decorations!

We believe that our florist skills are not only art for itself, but the real aesthetic and practical qualities that will satisfy all tastes, even the most sublime ones. We invite you to take a closer look at our offer and choose something that matches your preferences. Flowers are more than just an inspiration for us – it’s a way to express emotion. We will be glad if you decide to check it on your own!